How much will I get at the end of this process?

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That depends on what you did at Appco, how long you worked there and what you were actually paid. When you register for the class action we will work with you to estimate your underpayment claim.

When you register, you will complete a Questionnaire which gives us some initial information about your experience at Appco. We will then provide you with agreements that formally engage Adero Law Firm as your lawyers and sign you up to be part of the funding arrangement. Answering the Questionnaire truthfully and accurately will help us assess your situation and help you claim what Appco owes you.

The claim may end when Appco agrees to pay the class an amount of money, or the court decides that Appco must pay an amount of money. The funder will receive a payment out of that award, and the rest will be sent to the successful claimants.

Do I have to pay to join the class action?

No, claimants do not pay the costs of running the class action out-of-pocket as Adero Law Firm has secured litigation funding.

How does litigation funding work?

The funds secured will cover the legal costs, that is the work Adero Law Firm does on the case.

If the action succeeds the funder will recover costs from the awarded amount.

If the claim is unsuccessful, there is nothing for the claimant to repay. This is the risk that the funder takes.

Further details about the funding arrangements can be found in the Claimant Registration Pack.

Do I have to join the class action?

This class action is a closed class. Members must join the class action in order to receive any money from a judgment or successful settlement. Any decision involving the class members will not necessarily benefit people who have not signed up for the class action.

What are your credentials in running class actions?

Adero has industry leading expertise in employment law. We are young and approachable firm that has invested significantly in the background research and put the required systems in place to lead this important class action.

Will this impact on charities?

Appco is not a charity, it is a for profit organisation. The class action does not attack the charitable bodies that have engaged Appco to help them collect donations. This class action asks the court to make Appco pay its workers, who may have been directed to collect donations for charity clients, minimum entitlements under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

We have received statements from claimants who worked for Appco selling products in other areas of Appco. Appco’s activities are not exclusive to charities.

How do I know I was an employee? What if I was just bad at running my own business?

The evidence that claimants have provided suggest that Appco personnel were told they were Independent Contractors and business owners, when Appco actually treated them as employees. The claim will argue that Appco misrepresented the status of their workers as independent contractors in contravention of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), which constitutes sham contracting. The claim will allege that you were actually under the control of Appco and you were an employee of Appco, not running your own business. Employees are entitled to minimum wage and entitlements under the law, and the claim will argue that Appco did not pay.

Do I have to go to court, or give evidence in the witness box?

Probably not. Due to the size and nature of this dispute, you will most likely only need to provide us with particular information about your experience at Appco, upload any ICAs, payslips and other relevant materials, and possibly provide further information and sign a statement of claim. We will let you know in the unlikely event you need to attend court or give evidence, and we will support you during this experience.

Will people find out about this if I sign up?

Not unless you tell them, or consent to us telling them. While your name will appear on formal court documents, your involvement in this class action is amongst potentially thousands of other Appco workers. Your name will only appear in the press or as a key claimant if we contact you about it first and get your written consent.

This sounds like a job I have/had, but it’s not Appco. Can I join?

If you weren’t engaged with Appco, you can’t join this claim. However, we have been contacted by other people with similar experiences with other companies. If any of this sounds familiar, send us an email to shoutout@appcoclassaction.com.au with some information about your experience and we’ll contact you to discuss your options.