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Appco Class Action

If you work or have worked for Appco, your story is likely to be similar to the testimonials of the ex- Appco employees below. If so, it could help strengthen our class action against them. If you’d like to add your Appco experiences to the case, register here


Underpaid: $105,000

Position: Leader

Worked at Appco: 19 months

'An average week was 72 hours working Monday to Sunday and earned approximately $400-$500 in my pocket per week.'

Kyle nutshell


Underpaid: $125,000

Position: Assistant Owner, Top Sales Person 2015

Worked at Appco for: 2 years

'I have put in 80-100 hours per week and I walked away with $29,000 on my 2015 tax return. I lost a relationship because of it [working for Appco] and a lot of friends. I definitely treated people the wrong way because I was encouraged.'

Jacob nutshell


Underpaid: $45,000

Position: Leader

Worked at Appco for: 8 months

'When people left Appco, they would say Sonja who…and they would go Sonja nobody… That’s why I stayed. Who wants to be a nobody?.'

Sonja nutshell


Underpaid: $45,000

Position: Leader

Worked at Appco for: 8 months

'Most weeks I worked from 70 to 100 hours and got paid just over $500. I was promised and told not to do my tax because I would have a specialist Appco accountant who knew how to handle what I had been doing , I didn’t receive that.'

Jonathan nutshell